Perfect Smart Home

A Beginner’s Guide to Building the Perfect Smart Home in the UAE

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Smart homes are the next biggest step in UAE’s home improvement sector. Having your house automatically cater to numerous needs reduces the burden of having to maintain it. Element like lighting, speakers, appliances, etc., have all become smarter. These days a single voice command can activate and deactivate them.

In the face of this revolutionary era, you need to be prepared to build the best smart home ever. This beginner’s guide is a go to for new home owner to build a smart home that’ll have stunning functionality. Thus, without wasting any more time, let’s dive into – how to build the perfect smart home!

1. Smart Lighting

Lighting up your home is the first step that you need to take. A home without lights looks rather dull doesn’t it? Welcome to 21st century UAE, where you can install lights that respond to your voice! Getting the best set of smart lights for your home Is an absolute game changer. You can use voice commands to turn them up or down. Alternatively, you can also use your smartphone to calibrate the brightness of the lights. However, the best part about these smart lights is that you can set timers for automatic switch on and off. Overall, these are a must have for your smart home as they are super energy efficient and functional!

2. Smart Thermostats

Thermostats are an integral device in your home. They play a major role in ensuring that the environment of your house is as hospitable as it can be. However, having to constantly calibrate it can be quite a hassling task. Thus, getting a smart thermostat is the perfect solution for your new home! The wave of automated homes in GCC has brought around the need for these devices that can detect your movements and calibrate temperatures according to it. They understand when you’re home and not. The latest rendition of smart thermostats is equipped to redirect the airflow to where you are in your house.

3. Security Cameras and Video Doorbells

A smart home isn’t really smart unless it can protect you. Modern day smart CCCTV cameras are a must have for you in UAE. These cameras can record in HD, have night vision, and are always active. Next, they can also transmit a live feed of your house to you if integrated with IoT. Thus, you wouldn’t need to worry about theft even if you’re away. Special camera apps have security response options like calling the police/firemen. Using it can help you address a potential risk and even call the responsive UAE & GCC police in no time!

These three smart gadgets are essential for your smart house in 2022. If you’re a new home owner emphasis lies on using these gadgets because they make the foundation of a good smart home. Once you have these devices installed, you must start to add peripherals like carbon monoxide and smoke detectors, multi-room audio systems, smart speakers ad displays and so on!

Thus, get the best gadgets of 2022 and build the perfect smart home for yourself, on step at a time.